It had been two years of solitude, of acceptance, of resignation to the only thing that I knew was certain.  I was not going to love again.  Because I was unlovable.  My love wasn’t strong enough to penetrate their darkness.  Their darkness nearly destroyed me completely.  I still wonder if it just might one day destroy me.  I wonder how much psi the human soul can withstand.  I have adapted to the conditions of living under immense pressure within their darkness.  Just as the creatures of the sea find ways to survive in the depths where there is no light. And the pressure… is tolerable only by a few chosen ones.  And those few soldiers walk a lonely road. We know how to fight for our lives, for our children, and how to fight for our souls.  When your mind, your emotions, and your soul are tested to such deep levels that your foundation crumbles within, you can do nothing……but let go.

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on

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