I feel stifled and trapped.  I’m in a maze and I can’t find the exit. I don’t even want to finish the maze, I just want the hell out of it.  He has found so many ways to ensnare me at every turn.  Or so my mind thinks.  Is it his labyrinth or my own?  I can think of infinite amounts of ways that he can or will screw me.  So is this really my own demise?  Are these pitfalls and dead ends of my own making if I am sitting here dreaming up every one of them?  And they each feel so real.  The end all be all.  All these rides.  I am certain that I really was sitting on each one of them and that each one of them landed me in the temple of doom every time.  And yet here I sit….nothing has changed except all the stories…the rides.  It’s like I have been at an amusement park all night.  So are they real?  The stories?  The certain endings of doom?  Are they real?  

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