I was forced to let go of all that didn’t serve me. It was so painful to watch so much be destroyed.  In my bareness now….my bare feet upon this rich soil…like a blank canvass ready to speak something beautiful……I’m grateful for being stripped down to almost nothing.  I see my roots again.  I’m remembering why I’m here and what drives me.  Something needs to shift inside of me to build the life of my dreams.  I get another chance.  I must dig up that part of me whom I buried deep within.  This part of me is the bones of what I desire to build.  But it’s scary.  Like jumping off the diving board for the first time ever when I was a kid, it was so much scarier when I stood at the edge looking down.  I wanted to jump so badly but I was so scared that I hesitated and I almost didn’t jump.  But I did jump.  And I was caught and I was safe and I did that thing that I desired.  And I was filled with fear for most of the journey.  The anticipation, the walking up to the edge, the looking down, the jump.  And then, just like that, it was accomplished and it seemed so easy.  I want to jump into myself and all my fears that have kept me holding myself back from shining.  Fears have kept me hidden.  And now I feel rooted to the earth in a way that I am sure I will survive this.

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