Perfect Day

I just wasn’t ready. When I met him, I just wasn’t ready. I hadn’t thought about it for two years…..meeting someone again. Being someone again. I forgot to use my superpower, my invisibility cloak, the day I met him. But it was such a magical day, I didn’t want to be invisible that day. I just wanted to be seen…by me. It’s the little things sometimes. Little did I know that my path to meeting him, my soulmate, began three months prior. Divine orchestration that took three months and acts of God to put into motion for that day to be so perfect. And it was! I just wasn’t ready. I fucked that shit up so good that it hurts my soul. I had my one shot. This is why I can’t have nice things and why I really need to remember my invisibility cloak everywhere I go. Because, I’m just not ready. No matter how much I wish I was, a broken soul doesn’t heal over night let alone over years. It takes lifetimes. Lifetimes. And so I will see him again in another life and I will recognize him just like I did in this life. I know I will. It just felt so fucking good to find one of my soulmates in this lonely world. I would give anything to relive that day over and over again. And perhaps I already do, in every life, the day I meet him is the same. It’s perfect recognition. Perfect weather. Perfect banter. A perfect slip of my number into his hand. Perfect smiles that say, “I know you from you somewhere.” We just replay that day over and over again. Because it really is a perfect day. The day you meet your soulmate. The day your soul comes alive again.

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