I had nothing to give.  I was so broken and those that were there to receive something from me walked away because I was empty.  I resented them at first.  I cursed them.  Some I even confronted.  I begged the universe, God, to show me justice in the face of those who left me broken in a pile on the floor.  Over time, I was grateful they had gone. My space was rubble.  I found myself amid Ground zero.  The place I always called home was no longer.  Over time I realized, ground zero was okay.  I stood among the rubble and at times it felt very overwhelming.  How do I rebuild?  Where do I begin?  Other times, images or inspiration would come into my thoughts and slowly I began to dream again.  I began to dream about the skyscraper I would build for myself.  No more ransacked motels open for business for any passer- by.  This oasis was going to be built for me this time.  I craved something deeper….something lasting..  I finally began to know the difference very consciously about what real safety and security meant versus the delusion of it.  

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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